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Elan Polo Makes Made in America News
Elan Polo's "Made in America" initiative Featured in Footwear News. (Read more)

Elan Polo Announces Launch of Women's Fashion Footwear Brand, Vogue
Employee-owned footwear company debuts women’s fashion brand. (Read more)

St. Louis Business Journal Top 150 Privately Held Companies 
This year's list of the top 150 privately held companies (Elan Polo included) provides a clear consensus - the local economy is rebounding. (Read more)

Elan Polo has a Successful Year
Despite a difficult environment for retailers, Elan Polo saw nearly a 4% increase in revenue in 2009. (Read more)

Woolrich Footwear Launches Lightweight Line
Woolrich launches line of footwear designed for men and women with an active lifestyle. (Read more)

Global Icons Announces New Deals
Global Icons announces several new deals for the licenses it represents in the United States. (Read more)

St. Louis Business Journal: Top 150 Companies
Elan Polo, an employee-owned, private label shoe importer, saw an 11 percent revenue increase last year. (Read more)

Hasbro Builds a Winning Nerf-Licensed Lifestyle Program
Hasbro unveils a major licensing program fueled by the new look-and-feel of the company's popular sports action Nerf brand. (Read more)

St. Louis Business Journal Top 150 Companies
Elan Polo reaches out to younger consumers with release of a line of street shoes similar to soccer cleats designed by Mitre. (Read more)

Hasbro Rolls Out Wide-Range of Transformers Merchandise for Feature Film
Transformers fans will be stepping out on the town in footwear from companies such as Elan Polo (Read more)

Award Recognizes Success
A 24-year-old success story was honored recently as Nashville businessman Joe Russell, co-founder of Elan Polo. (Read more)

Elan Polo and Easton Sports Footwear Sign Licensing Deal
Easton Sports completes a licensing agreement with St. Louis-based Elan Polo, for select athletic and cleated footwear products. (Read more)

Elan Polo To Distribute New Line Of Mitre Lifestyle Shoes
Elan Polo releases a line of “fashion street shoes” for UK-based Mitre (Read more)

Elan Polo completes Daniel Green slipper acquisition
Elan Polo completes its acquisition of The Daniel Green Company's Daniel Green and L.B. Evans slipper brands. (Read more)